General Terms


A. All materials and components purchased are traceable to a prior source and bear acceptable documentation that conforms to at least one of the receipt requirements listed in appendix A of the ASA-100 Standard. OnAV, LLC.’s record keeping system described in section 12 of this manual shall serve as the record to demonstrate traceability of such purchased materials and components. This record of traceability shall be supplemented by OnAv, LLC.’s computerized inventory, sales, and purchasing system. Such information will be provided to interested parties upon request.

B. In cases where a customer informs OnAV, LLC. of any special requirements regarding a part to be purchased, OnAV, LLC. shall communicate such special requirements to its procurement sources via its purchase order. Deviations of customer’s purchase orders shall be disclosed and approved by the customer.

C. Purchasing restrictions are as summarized:

  • Purchases from PAHs (prime manufacturers, PMA holders, TSO Mfgs) and their authorized distributors, Airlines, Repair Stations, or FAA AC 00-56 Accredited Distributors are unrestricted.
  • All other suppliers are subject to approval via QAMFORM5, Supplier Audit Form. The DOQ shall ensure that no purchases are made unless QAMFORM5 has been sent, and subsequently approved and on file. QAMFORM5 is only issued upon initial setup of the supplier; the customer’s continued provision of quality parts serves as the basis for the sustained approved supplier listing.
  • Verification that a repair station has the capability to perform the work requested.
  • All approved suppliers shall be placed on the approved supplier list. The DOQ shall be responsible for the monitoring and control of companies on this list.
  • QAMFORM8, Receiving Discrepancy Log, shall serve to establish the quality history of all suppliers

D. OnAV’s vendors shall assure that:

  1. A part from an aircraft or engine that is known to have been subjected to extreme stress, heat or environment is identified as having been exposed to such circumstances. In addition, parts that are known to have been otherwise subjected to extreme stress or heat (i.e., a warehouse fire) shall also be identified as such to the OnAV. OnAV, LLC.’s Purchase Order to its suppliers requires that such parts be identified. When so identified, OnAV, LLC. will disclose this to the customer upon initial contact, and in the documentation supplied to the customer with the part.
  2. All Airworthiness Directives (AD’s) that are represented as having been accomplished are documented. Certification of compliance shall specify AD number, AD amendment number, date, and method of compliance, i.e., “AD xx-xx-xx terminated (date). Replaced shaft seal with P/N _______ shaft seal (signature).” Receiving inspection shall check for such documentation.
  3. Items identified as overhauled, rebuilt, repaired, inspected, or modified have the appropriate signed (not stamped or preprinted) and dated documentation attached to substantiate the condition of the part. Receiving inspection shall check for the presence of such documentation.
    With the exception of activities mentioned in this section to be performed by the DOQ or Inspectors, Sales and Purchasing staff are responsible to carry out the requirements herein.

E. When a part is drop shipped to OnAV, LLC.’s customer, all traceability documentation shall be forwarded to OnAV, LLC. for review and approval prior to the part being shipped to the customer. OnAV, LLC. shall provide the customer with documentation in accordance with the “Required for Shipment” column of Appendix A of the ASA-100 standard.